Sai Telecom is dedicated to delivering all the benefits of the next-generation global telecommunications to its valued customers worldwide. Providing updated emerging technologies into a global, sophisticated, and user-friendly array of quality services centered around wireless, paging, office automation and technology. 

Our strategy is a very clear one - we are a solutions company. Our industry experience combines one of the most complete product lines in the telecommunications and office automation equipment industry with the best service and support available to the global market . 

As a leading provider of wireless communications equipment, we specialize in cellular, GSM, paging, KTS systems, Office Automation and computer systems.

We also offer solutions for the automation industry segments such as turnkey telecommunication solutions and video conferencing. In addition, our consulting operations provide expert engineering and software solutions designed as per your needs.
As the wireless communications industry grows, we will continue to supply the industry with the technologies, products and services that will ensure outstanding system performance in the future.

Sai Telecom prides itself in its customer friendly and efficient service.No other corporation offers as broad a range of products, or is as fully armed with the expertise and dedication to continually expand the scope of wireless enhancement technology as we do with the optimism , insight and capability to expand, grow and improvise ourselves with time for our customers who welcome change and innovation.